I have failed you.

Hey all, I just wanted to write a quick apology.  I took a pretty long break over Christmas with only two quick posts, but I promised to write more regularly after I returned.  Here it is a week later and once again, I’ve only posted twice.  I don’t really have a good reason for it besides that I haven’t been inspired much this week.

I however have had a wonderful New Years party with some close friends.  So that excuses one day (and honestly, the brutal hangover I had the next day certainly inhibited any writing as well… totally worth it).  I’m gonna get something down later today, then probably take the weekend off again (sorry, but there’s NFL and Ask an Atheist related stuff going on this weekend).  So coming Monday, I’m gonna get back to it.. 5 posts a week.

Hope you all had as glorious a holiday season as I did.  I couldn’t ask for a better time with family and friends, both new and old.  Here’s to some more regular blogging by yours truly.


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