Arrrrgh!!!! Looking at cats will make me feel better.

So fun fact about the wordpress word editor.  As you’re writing it will occasionally auto-save your progress.  I tend to rely on that, because I look at a lot of different links and pages as I’m writing, and when I get too many tabs or some mistake happens, my web browser crashes.

Today that was a problem.  See, I was writing (what I thought was) a fascinating article about asylum status for non-believers in the U.S.  This is pretty complicated stuff.  At one point pretty early on, I wrote a paragraph that I wanted to use, but later down the article.  So I just hit return a few times to move it down to the bottom of the editor, and wrote in the empty space in between.

Well, it turns out that if you’re not at the bottom of your article, the auto-save feature stops working.  Long story short, I just lost two and a half hours of work, and I’m pretty furious about it.  Certainly too furious to rewrite right now.  So I’ll get back to the asylum article tomorrow.  In the mean time, here’s a video about cats.


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