A trial project this week.

Hey all, I’m gonna try something new this week.  I’m going to do a theme week, and the theme for this week is sports.  In honor of the Seahawks upcoming Super Bowl appearance, I wanted to explore some of the various aspects of sports and sports culture.  In light of the momentous season the Seahawks are having, I’m going to be primarily focused on American football, though I will be touching on some other sports.

1025665_10151824420226722_371411468_o1-1024x610Rod Mar

I already have a few topics lined up to discuss this week.  Today, I’m going to explore some of the biggest criticisms of football, and other major sports.  I love watching football, but sometimes I worry about how my support is a tacit acceptance of the brutal price athletes pay both physically and mentally just to play the game.

As for later this week, here’s some of the ideas I wanted to explore:  I will be writing about the way non-sports-fans react to sports.  I want to cover the economics of athletes, and perhaps justify why they make so much money.  I’ll write about sports and superstition, and the intersection of sports and religion.  And If I’m feeling very ambitions, I might even write a defense of fair-weather fans.

Hopefully this’ll be a fun week.  If there’s any other sports related topics you’d like me to cover, let me know in the comments below or by emailing me at AtheistSB@gmail.com.  If this goes well, I may do other theme weeks in the future.  If there’s any other subjects you think would be worthy of a theme, once again, get ahold of me at the above locations.  Hope you enjoy, and Go Hawks!


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