Just a little happiness booster shot

I must give my apologies.  I just don’t have anything to write about today.  That’s not entirely true, actually.  There are a few posts I’m working out in my head, but I don’t have the energy to write them out today.  So in lieu of another thought provoking rant, I want to leave you with some happy thoughts.

Cracked.com is one of my favorite websites.  They regularly do something they call Photoplasty where they propose a subject and fans of the site submit photoshopped images based on that subject.  Recently, they posted one about inspiring acts of kindness that no one ever talks about.  They’re worth reading in their entirety, but I want to share one here.  A user named mysedai submitted a photo of the children’s show star Mr. Rogers, with the following text:

“Fred Rogers, arguably one of the kindest men of the 21st century, once invited his limo driver, Billy, into a dinner hosted by a WGBH executive, rather than let the man wait outside for two hours.  Afterwards, he rode back to the hotel in the front seat and talked to Billy as they travelled.

“Upon learning they would be passing his family’s home, Mister Rogers asked if he could stop and meet them.  The affair became an impromptu party; neighbors brought treats, and Mister Rogers entertained them by playing jazz piano.

The family never forgot that night, but neither did Fred Rogers.

A few years later, upon learning that Billy was dying of AIDS, Mister Rogers took the time to phone him in the hospital. 

Even on his deathbed, Billy the limousine driver was special to Mister Rogers.  Just the way he was.”

Go see the rest of them… they’ll make you smile.


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